Bradstreet Proper, LLC is the best property management choice for investors in Columbus, Georgia because we approach our business with the investor in mind. There are a number of excellent reasons to work with us, and today we’re focusing on three of those reasons.

Investment Based Company

First, we are an investment based company. We are investors ourselves, and this company is built for investors. So if you are an investor, we will help you with the acquisition of rental property, the management of rental property and the sales of your rental property. We have a large portfolio of investment homes in the Columbus area, so we know the local market very well. That expertise helps you to succeed and get the return you want on your property. You can leverage our time and skills so you get the best deal possible.

Cash Flow and Care

Being investors, we know how to manage rental properties in a way that produces cash flow while taking care of the asset at the same time. We can successfully find the balance between caring for your property and pushing cash flow to you. Achieving that delicate balance is important. We know that you want to see some cash and income without neglecting your property. Because we operate from the perspective of our investors, we make the right decisions and take care of your property as if it was our own.

Personal Experience

We’re a smaller company so we can provide a personalized experience. We are always available to talk to you and if you call with any questions, you’ll get either me or my business partner. We are accessible and willing to talk through your strategy for rental properties, and we’re always prepared to make recommendations about acquisitions and sales. It’s hard to find this kind of service with a larger real estate or management company.

Why Work with Bradstreet Proper LLCWe would be happy to tell you more about why you should work with us, so contact us at Bradstreet Proper, LLC.